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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Social Media Marketing in Asia

So social media is changing the way we market. We are told countless numbers of times to listen in on the public, to micro-manage two way conversations, to talk to and create a loyal fan base. But how? And more importantly, how do we do this in our region? We all know that there isn’t an umbrella solution that we can implement in every market – each country has its distinct culture, lifestyle, politics, language, media structure and media usage to say the least. Along with this comes different uptakes of social media. Successful implementation requires a good understanding and grasp of your different target audiences.

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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Online Marketing Company in Singapore on The Business Times

click here:Online Marketing Company in Singapore on The Business Times

clickTRUE Pte Ltd was featured in yesterday’s edition of The Business Times, which thrilled us all, so we’re sharing it!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Agency Of The Year Awards 2010

The Agency Of The Year Awards 2010 organised by Marketing Magazine was recently held at a gala event in Shangri-La Hotel. We participated and walked away as finalists in the Search Marketing Agency category.

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Thursday, June 3, 2010

How to Check Your Ranking on Google Accurately? | clickTRUE Blog

How to Check Your Ranking on Google Accurately? | clickTRUE Blog

Facebook Like – Can This New Social Media Plugin Get You More ‘Fans’?

Facebook introduced several new plugins that allows visitors to ‘Like’ the content on your site. How can this help your Social Media Marketing? Will it be better than the ‘Become A Fan’ button?

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Facebook Singapore Has Arrived!

How will Facebook Singapore change the advertising model in Asia? How customized will the advertising platform be for the Asian region? clickTRUE gives some views on Open Graph and Facebook’s presence here.

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How to Check Your Ranking on Google Accurately?

For marketers and SEO practitioners who check their rankings everyday and sometimes click on their listing, the accuracy of their rankings could be compromised with personalised search. It will be quite important to get the “standard” SERP to understand how their website is performing when a normal user searches on Google.

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Increasing Efficiency With Stand Up Meetings

Recently, our CEO wanted to improve our meeting efficiency and decided to remove the seats. Did it really help? Or simply produce sore legs? Find out more in this post. (You never know, your company might do it too!)

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

clickTRUE Pte Ltd, a subsidiary of SPH Magazines, is an online marketing company specialising in Search and Social Media marketing. Devoted to helping brand owners grow their customer base and assets online, clickTRUE offers both Technology and Online Marketing Services. This includes Web2.0 Applications Development, Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Social Media Marketing and Optimisation, Web Analytics Consultancy and Conversion Rate Optimisation.

clickTRUE specialises in managing and optimising paid search and social media campaigns in Asia. Focusing largely on Pay-per-Click platforms, clickTRUE works with direct clients and agencies to help them achieve maximum Returns On Investment (ROI) with their advertising campaigns on search engines as Google, Yahoo!, MSN Bing and Chinese search site Baidu. On the social media front, it offers ad placements on social networking sites such as Facebook and YouTube. To allow clients to measure their ROI, clickTRUE advocates Web Analytics to track campaign peformance. Clients will get full visibility and insight into their websites' clickstream data and users' behaviour. In addition, it is the first company in Singapore and South-East Asia to be awarded the Google Analytics Authorized Consultancy status.

With over a decade of online experience from founding and managing the leading technology portal –, clickTRUE understands what it requires to build and grow an online brand. Combining talent and technology, we leverage on our past experience to give advice on best practices and provide holistic solutions to increase clients' brand value.

Today, clickTRUE has a growing clientele comprising both SMEs and Fortune 500 companies, with a significant pool of clients in the Asia-Pacific region.